Vegetable List


Below is the vegetable list for the 2020 season at Howard Pine’s. With our broad selection, you can have plant everything you need to grow your own this year! These varieties are occasionally subject to substitutions, so if you are looking for something specific, please give us a call at (785) 749-0302!



PACKMAN  HYBRID – (57 days) High yields of giant 8′ domed  heads with plenty of smaller heads from robust side-shoot production.

GREEN MAGIC – (75 days) Uniform, semi-domed blue-green with a tight medium-small bead size. Heat tolerant.



JADE CROSS HYBRID (85 days) vigorous heavy yielding with firm tightly packed  sprouts on tall stems.



CABBAGE MIX A mix of our favorite varieties listed below.

CHINESE MINI TENDER GOLD – (47-50 days) Medium green exterior leaves with bright white ribs with a yellow interior. Tender variety with a sweet flavor that is slow to bolt.

EARLY RED ACRE – (75 days) An early red cabbage that produces dense, deep purple, small round heads great for colorful slaws, salads, or cooking.

GOLDEN CROSS – (45 days) Matures extra early with flavorful, tight, softball-sized round heads.

SAVOY ACE – (80 days) Produces good yields of large 3.5 pound deep green heads good for slaws, salads, or gentle cooking.

STONEHEAD HYBRID (67 days)  Round, rock-solid heads that average around 4 pounds and 6″ in diameter with a small interior core, good texture, and fine flavor.


CANTALOUPE (muskmelon)

BURPEE EARLY CRENSHAW   (90 days) Firm, thick, peach-pink fruit has delicious, subtle flavor. Dark green skin ripens to yellowish green. Great for freezing.

BURPEE HYBRID –  (82 days) Slightly oval fruits that are ribbed and heavily nettled. The flesh is deep orange, thick, firm, and juicy with an outstanding flavor.



SNOW CROWN HYBRID (50 days) Uniform and vigorous rounded heads of exceptional firmness and quality.

SYMPHONY – (72 days) Uniform, upright, dense white heads with excellent inner wrapper leaves.



GIANT PASCAL – (100-110 days) Solid, crisp stalks with a succulent, nutty flavor. Blanches very easily.



BURPEE HYBRID (60 days) Dark green, 8 ½ “x 2”; slicing type; mosaic and downy mildew  resistant.

BURPLESS HYBRID (62 days) Dark green, smooth skin 12” slicing, burpless and bitter free, almost  seedless, resistant to cucumber mosaic virus, powdery mildew, and downy mildew.

SPACEMASTER – (56 days) Compact variety ideal for containers or hanging baskets producing slender, dark green fruits that are excellent for eating fresh or in salads.



BURPEE’S BLACK BEAUTY (73 days) Egg shaped dark purple colored fruit

LITTLE FINGERS – (68 days) Slim, 6 to 8-in. spineless fruit in clusters of 3 to 6.



VATES BLUE CURLED –  (56 days) Very early, compact type that is very hardy. Finely curled deep blue-green leaves.

RED RUSSIAN – (60 days) Purplish stems and oak-shaped leaves become more tender the larger they become.  Frost improves flavor.



EARLY  WHITE VIENNA – (56 days) Light green, very  smooth skinned bulb. Flesh is creamy white, tender, and a mild flavor.



     AMERICAN FLAG (120 days) Thick stem with a mild onion flavor.




GREAT LAKES (90 days) Heavy, well folded heads with dark green fringed leaf.



 BUTTERCRUNCH (75 days) (Bibb type) produces tender rosettes. Long  time favorite. Performs well in warm weather.

LOLLA ROSA DARKNESS – (53 days) Compact, tightly curled, intensely red leaves are excellent for salads or greens mixes.



       HOT PEPPERS –  Scoville units (S.U.) are found by using high pressure liquid  chromatography which

measures the amount of capsaicin (the oil  that makes peppers hot) in each variety

ANAHEIM (77 days) Dark green to red, moderately hot used for chili rellenos. 7”x 1 ¾

500-1000 S.U.

ANCHO TIBURON POBLANO – (75 days) Great for stuffing! Noted for excellent yields 5” L / 2.5” W

1000-3000 S.U.

CAYENNE (LONG SLIM) – (75 DAYS) Extra fiery taste. Good for small gardens 5”-6” long fruits very productive.

30,000-50,000 S.U.

HABANERO (85 days)  Small wrinkled thin walled fruits. One of the hottest.

100,000-300,000 S.U.

HUNGARIAN WAX (70 days) Excellent for pickling. Thick -walled 6” long fruits  yellow to red at maturity.

5,000-15,000 S.U.        

JALAPENO (75 days) Thick-walled 3”x1” fruit with blunt tips; ripens green to red; a long time favorite.

2,500-5,000 S.U.

SERANNO (75 days) 1 ½ “ to 2” peppers one of the top ten hottest peppers on the market.

10,000-25,000 S.U.

SUPER RED CHILI  (80-85 days)  Very productive plants produce spicy hot  2” x 2½” peppers .

30,000-100,000 S.U.



BELL BOY HYBRID (70 days) Fruit 4 ½ “x 3 ½”  four lobed fruit. Tobacco mosaic resistant. Ripens green to red.

BIG BERTHA – (72 days) Huge, thick-walled, elongated fruits, 6-7” long, 4” across,;dark green and tender.

CALIFORNIA WONDER – (75 days) Prolific upright plants. Fruit is four lobed, thick walled, sweet mild flavor.

GOLDEN SUMMER (70 days) Four lobed fruit  with thick walls. Ripens lime green to  yellow.

NORTH STAR – (60-65 days) Sets fruit even under adverse conditions. Recommended for short-season areas.

PINE’S PEPPER HYBRID (71 days) One of the biggest and best tasting peppers  around. 4” x 4”fruits. Tobacco mosaic

resistant.  Ripens green to red.

SWEET RAINBOW MIX (70 days) A colorful mix of bell peppers (Ivory, chocolate, yellow, red, lilac and mandarin)

VALENCIA (70 days) Blazing orange color. Large blocky fruit are 4 ½“ x 4 ½” and thick walled. Disease resistant.



SWEET BANANA (75 days) Sweet light yellow fruit  ripens to a  brilliant red. Very productive 6”  x 1 ½” fruits.

SWEETHEART PIMENTO – (80 days) Tall plants yield unique heart-shaped fruit that will be mild, juicy and have a fruity sweet flavor to it at full maturity.



BURPEE HYBRID ZUCCHINI –  (50 days) Heavy yield; green fruits; squash best when squash is between 6”-9”


SPINELESS BEAUTY – (43 days) High yields of uniform, think-skinned, medium green fruits, Ideal for eating fresh.


SWEET POTATO PLANTS- Sold beginning around May 10th yearly.



BRIGHT LIGHTS – (60 days) Uniquely-colored variety with stems of yellow, gold, orange, pink, and violet.  Mild in

flavor.  Suitable for edible or ornamental use.


TOMATO  ( The letters following some tomato varieties refer to the resistance to the following diseases. )

(A)=Alternaria stem canker                               (F) or (F1)= Fusarium wilt 1

     (s)=Stemphylium (Grey leaf spot)                    (T)=Tobacco Mosaic

     (V)=Verticillum                                                     (F2)= Fusrium wilt 2

    (N)= Nematodes                                                  (B)= Bacterial speck

    (As)= Early Blight




7-10 DAYS. (DT)


BETTER BOY – ( 70 days) Bright red globe shaped fruit  (IDT) (VFNAS)

BETTER BUSH – (68 days) Attractive, compact, stocky plant yielding big, luscious, 4-inch fruits weighing 8 to 11 ounces.

Excellent in small gardens or in large containers. (DT) (V F1 F2 NTAS)

BIG BEEF – (73 days) All  American award winner! Very smooth round crack resistant 9 -12 oz fruit some

to 1lb. Flavorful highly disease resistant and are  considered one of the best. (IDT) (V F1 F2 NTAS)

BRANDYWINE – (78 days) Heirloom variety. Very large  fruit with deep pink skin and red flesh. (IDT) 

BURPEE BIG BOY – (78 days) All American award winner! Red globe shaped fruit 10 oz or more (IDT)

BURPEE SUPERSTEAK HYBRID –  (80 days) Beefsteak type tomato up to 2lbs excellent flavor and meaty interior.


CELEBRITY –  (70 days) Highly disease resistant. All American award winner! Large  smooth firm crack

resistant red tomatoes. (DT) (V F1 F2 NTAS)


EARLY GIRL –  (75 days) Slicing tomato. One of the earliest, bears tasty 4-6oz fruit (IDT) (V F1 F2 )

GOLDEN JUBILEE –  (72 days) Bright golden orange, medium size low acid tomato. (IDT)

HEALTHKICK – (72 days) Plum-shaped fruit that contain 50% more lycopene, an antioxidant. (DT) (VFT)

HEIRLOOM RAINBOW BLEND – (80-100 days) Includes Mortgage Lifter (pink), Red Brandywine, Kellogg’s Breakfast                   (orange), Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Black Krim, Yellow Brandywine, Big Rainbow (bicolor), and Great White.

JET STAR HYBRID –  (72 days) One of Pines favorites! Early yields of large crack  resistant, low acid fruit.  Globe shaped with

good color inside and out with good dependable flavor. (IDT) (VF)

LEMON BOY HYBRID –  (72 days) Lemon-yellow, globe shaped fruit very prolific, verage 6oz fruit. (IDT) (VFNAS)

PATIO –  (70 days) Sturdy dwarf plant good for containers or small gardens. Red oblate shaped fruit averaging 4oz. (DT) (VFN)

PINES HYBRID – (65 days) Extremely crack resistant. Grows evenly large tomatoes and likes hot weather. Large producer of

very large uniform fruits with  excellent flavor. (IDT) (V F1 F2 NT)  

PINK GIRL HYBRID – (76 days) Rich in flavor but low in acid and very sweet. Smooth  high quality 3 ½ “ fruit. (IDT) (V F1 ASt)


RED GRAPE – (70 days) Grape shaped, bright red fruit. (IDT) 

ROMA VIVA ITALIA –  (76 days)  Earlier, more productive than other Roma types. Best variety for canning.  Very disease

resistant. (V F1 F2 NASBSt) SNACK –  (63 days) Large

SUGARY HYBRID – (60 days) Dark pink, unusually-shaped (pointed on both ends) fruit on very productive keep setting all

season long. (IDT)

SUNSUGAR –  (62 days) Four times the amount of vitamin C,  A new  golden cherry tomato highly crack resistant, vigorous plant. High sugar content but with thin skin. (IDT)

SUPERSONIC – (79 days) Popular garden variety. High yields of large meaty fruit. (IDT) (TSD)

SUPERSWEET 100 HYBRID –  (70 days) Salad type with very high yields of 1” fruits.  (IDT) (VF)     

TUMBLING TOM RED – (70 days) Cascading branches produce great yields of 1-2” slightly oval-shaped red fruit that have a                                                    sweet and delicious flavor. (IDT) (BP)

TUMBLING TOM YELLOW – (70 days) Cascading branches produce great yields of 1-2”  slightly oval-shaped yellow fruit that have a sweet and delicious flavor. (IDT) (BP)

YELLOW PEAR –  (70 days) Small yellow pear shaped fruit. (DT) (A)



    BLACK DIAMOND (90 days) Large round dark green melons up to 40 lbs.

    BUSH SUGAR BABY (80 days) Bush type 8-12 lbs of sweet quality on dwarf vines.

    CRIMSON SWEET (85 days) Nearly round with dark and light striping. 15-25 lbs  average.




BASIL-GENOVA – (24”) Long glossy pointed leaves. Intense flavor; wonderful for pesto.

BASIL-SWEET DANI – (26”) A lemon basil.  Plants have a strong lemon scent.

BASIL-SWEET ITALIAN BROADLEAF – (24”-30”) A classic green basil. Used in general Italian cooking. Bright green

2”-3” leaves.

BAY-LAUREL – (varying height) The flavor from the leaves compliment any meat, fish, or poultry dish. Forgiving plant if


CILANTRO-SANTO – (12”-24”) Pungent leaves, used fresh or dried in Mexican and Asian cuisine. Fast growing

and slow-bolting.

DILL-FERNLEAF – (18”) Abundant blue-green foliage and are very slow to bolt.


LAVENDER-GROSSO – (24”) Very attractive plants with a wonderful fragrance and long violet flower spikes.

MINT-MOJITO – (18”-24”) The leaves from this Cuban plant may be used fresh or dried in a bevy of dishes and drinks

from around the world.

PARSLEY-SINGLE ITALIAN – (12”) Vigorous plants with flat, dark green leaves. A gourmet’s favorite.

PARSLEY-TRIPLE CURLED An excellent garnish. Vigorous and uniform with compact leaves. Withholds color well.

ROSEMARY-HILL HARDY – (48”) Upright and robust variety with light blue flowers has a pleasing flavor and fragrance

for cooking and soaps.

SAGE-TRICOLOR – (18”-24”) This variety has soft green leaves with creamy white edges and small light blue flowers.


SWEET MARJORAM – (12”-24”) A great culinary herb that has a sweet oregano-like flavor. Pinch out the top when the

plant is 2”-3” tall to encourage side growth.

THYME-WOOLY – (4”) A soft carpet of hairy grayish foliage, topped by bright pink flowers. An outstanding ground cover.

VERBENA-LEMON – (36”-48”) A wonderful variety that makes great teas, and can be used to brighten the flavor of a

wide variety of dishes.



CATNIP – (48”) Silvery green leaves. Cats love it and used in tea for indigestion.

 CHIVES – (12”-18”) Attractive lavender flowers, onion flavored grass like leaves.

GERMANDER-GERMAN – (12”-24”) Creeping plant with greyish-green, sage-like leaves and spike-like clusters of

greenish-yellow flowers.

LAVENDER-GOODWIN CREEK GREY – (36”) A French hybrid with silvery-grey toothed foliage and violet-blue flowers. Blooms all summer.

LEMONGRASS-EAST INDIAN –  (18”-24”) Large, grass-like leaves used as a source of lemon oil for perfume,

culinary, and medicinal purposes.

MINT-CHOCOLATE – (18”-24”) Aromatic foliage with many culinary uses. Pretty foliage plant with a mint patty smell.

MINT-ORANGE – (24”-36”) Citrus scented foliage with purplish flowers. New growth is the most fragrant and flavorful. Easy to grow.

OREGANO-GREEK – (8”-12”) Hardy perennial. A very tough ground cover with leaves that turn from yellow to

lime green. Peppery flavor used in Italian cooking.

OREGANO-ITALIAN – (32”) Aromatic leaves are used to flavor Italian dishes, pizza and tomato dishes.  Use fresh,        dried, or frozen.  Winter hardy.

PEPPERMINT – (4”-6”) Used in flavoring candies and teas. Plants reach 3 feet tall.

ROSEMARY-ARP – (48”) Distinctive flavor, pinewood fragrance. Used in culinary, ornamentals, and cosmetics. A tender                                                    perennial.

ROSEMARY-PROSTRATUS – (6”-12”) This plant does double duty as an edible ground cover, and has narrow leaves and pale blue flowers.

ROSEMARY-TUSCAN BLUE – (3’-6’) Fast growing, evergreen foliage that is fragrant and long-lasting with blue flowers.


SAGE – (24”) Grey green leaves with a violet flower. Attractive and aromatic. Leaves to flavor meat, sausage, cheese,  and  poultry. Used in sachets and potpourri.

SAGE-PINEAPPLE – (20”) Unique plant with velvety green leaves that are scented with a fruity pineapple scent.

Also has beautiful scarlet flowers.

SAGE-PURPLE – (24”) Evergreen grayish foliage and blue to purplish flowers. Has a slight peppery flavor.

SPEARMINT – (36”) Very fragrant mint; used in sauces and jellies.

TARRAGON-FRENCH – (36”) Leaves used fresh or dried to add a delicate flavor suggesting anise or mint.

THYME-CREEPING MOTHER OF THYME – (2″-6″) Mat-forming ground cover with blue-green leaves and small

pink flowers. Used in seasoning and potpourri, with a wonderful woodsy aroma.

THYME-ENGLISH – (12”-18”) A commonly used for seasoning, fresh or dried. Less aromatic than Summer

varieties of thyme.

THYME-LEMON – (12”) Evergreen perennial. Does best in full sun and well-drained soil. A short shrub type wit aromatic

leaves, lavender flowers in the summer, and a refreshing lemon scent that stays flavorful even when baked.

THYME-MOTHER OF THYME – (1/2”-3”) Creeping plants with aromatic foliage and 1/8” to 3/8” purple flowers.

THYME-SILVER – (9”) Ground-hugging white and silver variegated foliage and mauve-pink flowers.

THYME-SUMMER FRENCH – (12”-18”) Very aromatic with small gray/green leaves and tiny lilac flowers.

THYME-VARIEGATED LEMON – (8”-12”) Variagated, yellow and green leaves and purple-pink blooms. Has

a mild stimulant effect, similar to caffeine, providing an energy boost.