Howard Pines Garden Center Growing Philosophy

We use  microclimates to grow our flowers and vegetables naturally with the use of heat and cold we regulate the speed of growth. Spacing and air flow is used to naturally curb disease problems and growth issues. We use, whenever possible, natural pesticides to curb insect issues.  Our plants are placed in the proper growing region and prepared for their climate once planted into your own yard. They are Hardened off for preparation for your yard and often we put the plants out early to prepare them from a sudden frost when applicable (Those plants that are frost friendly)

Growth regulators – We do not use Growth regulators. Growth regulators cause premature blooms, stunted growth, and premature aging of the plants. Growth regulators are used to shortcut the growing process and benefit the grower, shipper, and blacktop outlet stores keep their plants during their handling of the plants but do not benefit the final customer.  Our plants are allowed to grow and Bloom Naturally and the result is a more vigorous plant with Larger blooms. Growth regulators are mainly used for shipping purposes to keep foliage smaller and it can take many weeks for this chemical to dissapate from the plant so the plant remains small and unchanged during your growing season never reaching its full potential. Far more important than the use organic  product is to not have PGR chemicals introduced into your plants prior to purchasing.

We keep our plants cleaned and free of dead foliage to reduce fungus issues that might occur and natural trimming to make for more natural growth.

These practices we follow make our job harder and your end result larger and more prolific and have been done since we opened in 1962.