2020 Perennial List

*Below is the perennial list for the 2020 season at Howard Pine’s. These perennial plants will give you year after year color in your outdoor space. We have multiple cultivars and varieties of each species so if you are looking for something specific, stop on by or give us a call at (785) 749-0302!


ACHILLEA – (Yarrow) (Full Sun) Versatile, easy to grow for beds, containers, & window boxes; great for cut flowers.

ACONITUM – (Monkshood) (Sun to Partial Shade) A disease and pest resistant variety that stays attractive even when not in bloom.

AEGOPODIUM – (Snow-on-the-Mountain) (Full Sun to Full Shade) Grown for its pretty foliage and vigorous spreading capabilities.

AGASTACHE – (Anise Hyssop) (Full sun) Flower spikes on wonderfully fragrant foliage.

AJUGA (Shade loving) Rapid growing groundcover, upright blue flowers on 6” spikes from April – May.

ALCEA ROSEA – (Hollyhock) (Full Sun) Native to Asia Minor; likes rich soil.

AQUILEGIA – (Columbine) (Sun to Partial shade) Native to temperate zone.

ARTEMISIA – (Silver Mound Artemesia) (Full Sun) Compact variety; great for edging, rock gardens or containers.

ARUNCUS DIOICUS (Dwarf Goat’s Beard) (Sun to Shade) Fern-like foliage with excellent fall color.

ASCLEPIAS – (Butterfly Flower) Native prairie wildflower; brilliant orange flowers; blooms July – August

ASTER(Full Sun) Blooms midsummer to mid-autumn. Excellent flowers for cutting.

ASTILBE – (Feather Flower, Goats beard, Spirea) (Partial Shade) Fluffy spikes adorn elegant foliage through June and July.

BAPTISIA(False Indigo) (Full Sun to Partial Shade) Long-lived, easy to grow, native perennial.

BERGENIA – (Saxifraga) (Partial Shade) A durable groundcover that blooms in late spring.

BRUNNERA – (Heartleaf Brunnera) (Partial Shade to Shade) Unique heart shaped leaves make this a staple to the shade garden.

BUDDLEIA – (Butterfly Bush) – Attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. flowers from July to fall.

CAMPANULA –  (Bell Flower) (Sun or Partial Shade) Great choice for edging, containers, or the front of the border.

CENTAUREA – (Bachelor’s Button) (Full Sun) An old-fashioned favorite for cut flower bouquets.

CENTRANTHUS – (Jupiter’s Beard) (Sun to partial shade) A long-blooming perennial that will grow in dry, limey soil.

CERASTIUM – (Snow in Summer) (Sun) Highly valued ground cover. Great for rock gardens and edging.

CHRYSANTHEMUMS – (Hardy Mums) (Sun) Bright colors for fall blooms. Available in 18 different varieties.

CIMICIFUGA – (Black Snakeroot) (Part Sun to Shade) Young foliage is bronze-green; darkens to deep purple as it matures.

CLEMATIS (Sun to Partial shade) Excellent vining plants produce 2” – 4” blooms. Available in over 25 varieties.

COREOPSIS – (Tickseed) (Sun) Hardy and long-blooming, providing a bright spot of color in sunny landscapes all summer.

CROCOSMIA – (Montbretia) (Full Sun) Has wiry, arched stems that are perfect for cutting.

DELOSPERMA – (Hardy Ice Plant) (Full Sun) Semi-evergreen groundcover with good red fall color.

DELPHINIUM – (Sun) Native to Europe, Siberia and China. Blooms from June – September.

DIANTHUS BARBATUS(Full Sun) Blooms late April through September.

DIANTHUS DELTOIDES – (Maiden Pinks) (Sun to Partial Shade)

DIANTHUS GRATAINAPOLITANUS – (Pinks) (Sun to Partial Shade) Fragrant small, single blooms.

DICENTRA – (Bleeding Heart) (Partial Shade to Full Shade) A timeless classic in the garden with heart shaped blooms in spring.

DIGITALIS – (Foxglove) (Full sun to partial shade) (3’) Bell shaped flowers in late spring and early summer.

ECHINACEA – (Coneflower) Native to Midwest. Heat and drought tolerant. Good cut flower and very durable.

EUONYMUS – (Winter Creeper) (Sun to Shade) Extremely hardy evergreen vine that quickly forms a dense, weed-smothering ground cover.

EUPHORBIA – (Cushion Spurge) (Full Sun to Part Shade) Drought tolerant.  Blooms in spring.

EUPHORBIA – (Spurge) (Full Sun) Unusual, vigorous groundcover.

FERNSHardy ferns are a valuable shade plant. Can be grown in moist, but well-drained soil high in organic matter.

FORSYTHIA – (Forsythia) (Sun to Partial Shade) Early Spring blooming shrub great for landscapes.

GAILLARDIA – (Blanket Flower)  (Sun) Daisy like flowers require well-drained soil.

GERANIUM (Cranesbill) Long flowering period, peak in late spring. Attractive foliage. Good border plant that is long-blooming.

GEUM – (Avens, Grecian Rose) (Sun to Partial Shade) (12”) Showy flowers in spring above low growing textured foliage.


HEDERA – (English Ivy) (Partial sun to full shade) (6”-8”) Evergreen ground cover capable of climbing long distances.

HELIANTHUS – (Perennial Sunflower) (Full Sun) Cheerful sunflower with an upright, but relatively short habit.

HELIOPSIS – (Oxeye) (Full Sun) Daisy like flower with a long blooming period. Blooms cover this large plant.

HELLEBORUS – (Lenten Rose) (Partial Shade to Full Shade) Superbly vigorous, large flowered, and heavily spotted blossoms.

HEMEROCALLIS – (Daylily) (Sun) Hardy, low maintenance plant blooms from June – frost. Prefers moisture retentive soil; available in 17 varieties with varying colors and heights.

HEUCHERA – (Coral Bells) (Sun to partial shade) Good for edging or in borders.  Unique foliage.

HIBISCUS – (Rose Mallow) (Sun) Showy accents can be used as a hedge, break dormancy very late.

HOSTA – (Plantain Lilly) (Partial Shade to Shade) One of the best perennials in existence. A valuable addition to the garden and landscape.  Remains attractive from spring until frost with great flowering performance. 29 varieties available.

HOUTTUYNIA CORDATA – (Chameleon Plant) (Sun to Shade) (6”-9”) Heart shaped leaves with striking foliage of varying color.

HYDRANGEA – (Hydrangea) Unique Endless Summer Series with the ability to bloom on new growth.

IBERIS – (Candytuft) (Sun) A popular dwarf plant with clusters of white flowers. Excellent for rock gardens or edging.

IRIS(Sun) The two varieties we carry are tall bearded varieties that are mid bloomers (Late May to early June).

KNIPHOFIA– (Red Hot Poker) (Full Sun) 1999 AAS Winner. First year flowering.

LAMIUM – (Spotted Dead Nettle) (Part to full Shade) Herbaceous ground cover for dark shaded areas.

LAVENDULA – (Lavender) (Sun) Plant doubles as an herb. Popular for blooms and fragrance.

LEUCANTHEMUM – (Shasta Daisy) (Sun) Native to Portugal and the Pyrenes. Prefers rich soil. Good cut flower.

LIATRIS – (Gay Feather) (Sun) Native prairie wildflower. Very hardy perennial. Flowers bloom July – September.

LIGULARIA – (Ligularia)

LILAC(Full Sun) Beautiful shrub with wonderful Spring color and fragrance.

LIRIOPE – (Lily Turf) (Sun to Partial Shade) Evergreen ground cover with thin, dark upright foliage. Ideal for erosion control.

LONICERA – (Honeysuckle) (Sun) Vigorous, hardy vine makes an excellent screen. Attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

LUPINUS – (Lupine) (Sun to Part Sun) Shorter version; blooms about 2 weeks earlier that other hybrids.

LYCHNIS – (Maltese Cross, Catchfly) (Sun) This thickly foliaged plant produces beautiful flower heads.

LYSIMACHIA –  (Gold Moneywort) (Sun to Part Sun) (2”) Rounded leaves, creeping habit. Fragrant yellow flowers June – August.

LYSIMACHIA – (Green Moneywort) (Sun to Part Sun) (2”) Fast growing groundcover with yellow flowers and glossy green leaves.

MALVA – (Hollyhock Mallow) (Sun to Part Sun) Tough heat, and drought tolerant perennial. Flowers all summer.

MAZUS – (Creeping Mazus) (Full Sun) An excellent, dense groundcover that blooms in the late spring.

MONARDA – (Bee Balm) (Sun to Part Shade) Aromatic mint like foliage; prefers moist locations blooms June – July

MYOSOTIS – (Forget-Me-Not) (Sun to Part Shade) Lovely in containers or mixed with spring blooming perennials.

NEPETA – (Catmint) (Sun) (12”) Spreading compact plant with blue flowers. Good for hot, dry weather.

OENOTHERA – (Evening Primrose) (Sun to Partial Shade) (10”) Luminous yellow saucer shaped flowers appear all summer.

PACHYSANDRA – (Japanese Spurge) (Partial shade)(8”) Fast growing groundcover, White flowers in the summer

PAEONIA – (Garden Peony) (Sun to Partial Sun) (2’-3” bush) Large double rose type bloom. Blooms in late April or May.

PAPAVER, ORIENTALE – (Oriental Poppy) (Sun) Blooms from May – June. Requires well-drained soil.

PENSTEMON – (Beardtongue) Tubular flowers borne on thin spikes.

PEROVSKIA – (Russian Sage) (Full Sun) (36”) Coarsely toothed gray green leaves. Lavender-blue flowers.

PHLOX PANICULATA – (Upright or Garden Phlox) (Partial Sun)(30”) Upright plants, large flower heads in a range of  colors.

PHLOX SUBLATA – (Creeping Phlox) Excellent ground cover. Spring bloomer, carpet like.

PHYSOSTEGIA – (Obedient Plant) (Full Sun to Partial Shade) Strictly upright plant with fresh green foliage; clump forming.

PLATYCODON – (Balloon Flower) (Sun to part Sun) Bell Shaped flowers resembling balloons. Keep moist but not wet.

POLEMONIUM – (Jacob’s Ladder) (Sun to Partial Shade) Very distinctive and showy in the garden. Pairs well with hostas.

POLYGONATUM – (Variegated Solomon’s Seal) (Part Sun to Shade) A natural companion to hosta and ferns.

PULMONARIA(Lungwort) Lovely spring blooming perennial. The silver variegation lightens up dark flowerbeds.

PYRETHRIUM – (Painted Daisy) (Full Sun) Blooms from June through October.

RHUS – (Sumac) (Sun to Partial Shade) An excellent accent to the landscape with beautiful fall color.

ROSE BUSHES(Full Sun to Part Shade) From Star Roses, available in 94 different varieties.

SAGINA – (Irish Moss) (Sun) (2”-4”) A creeping, moss-like, evergreen groundcover that forms a tight green carpet. Tiny white flowers.

SALVIA – (Meadow Sage) A reliable perennial producing spikes of flowers often to re-bloom if old blooms removed.

SAPONARIA – (Rock Soapwort) (Full Sun) Forms a nice patch of semi-evergreen foliage that works well as a filler.

SCABIOSA – (Pincushion Flower) (Full Sun) Good for borders, cut flowers, and butterflies love it!

SEDUM(Full Sun) Fleshy plants with distinct foliage, changing colors with the seasons.

SEDUM – Tall varieties. Fleshy leaved plants perfect for dry areas or a perennial border. Easy to grow and drought tolerant

SEMPERVIVUM(Hen and Chicks)  (Full sun) (4”-6”) Assorted rosettes in wide range of colors. Good in borders.

SPIREA – (Spirea) (Full Sun) Fine, uniform habit, a stunning addition to the garden with beautiful color.

STOKESIA – (Stoke’s Aster) (Full Sun) Long blooming, with a neatly mounding habit. Heat tolerant.

TIARELLA – (Foamflower) (Part Sun to Shade) Has clump forming foliage,  fragrant blooms, wonderful winter color.

VERBASCUM –  (Mullein) (Full Sun) Blooms early to mid-summer. Compact plants with long-blooming flowers perfect for cutting.

VERONICA – (Speedwell) (Sun to Partial Shade) Excellent plants for summer flowering. Compact plants excellent for borders.

VIBURNUM – (Viburnum) (Sun to Partial Shade) An elegant shrub that makes an excellent accent plant in the garden.

VINCA MINOR – (Trailing Myrtle, Periwinkle) (Sun to Shade) Trailing groundcover.

WEIGELA(Sun to Partial Shade) Hardy, free flowering addition to the landscape. Attractive to birds and butterflies.