Perennial List

*Indicates New Varieties At Our Greenhouse This Season!


ACHILLEA – (Yarrow) (Full Sun) Versatile, easy to grow for beds, containers, & window boxes; great for cut flowers.

Cerise Queen- (24”) Carmine red flowers with fern-like foliage. Blooms mid-summer.

Cloth of Gold- (24”) Large rich golden yellow flower heads. Excellent cut flower fresh or dried.

ACONITUM – (Monkshood) (Sun to Partial Shade) A disease and pest resistant variety that stays attractive even when not in bloom.

Napellus- (3’) Striking, upright spikes of violet-blue flowers with deeply divided, dark green, glossy foliage.

AEGOPODIUM – (Snow-on-the-Mountain) (Full Sun to Full Shade) Grown for its pretty foliage and vigorous spreading capabilities.

*Variegatum- (6”-10”) An attractive groundcover with light green and white variegated leaves and tiny, creamy-white flowers.

AGASTACHE – (Anise Hyssop) (Full sun) Flower spikes on wonderfully fragrant foliage.

Apricot Sprite- (18”) Dwarf, compact variety producing vibrant peachy apricot colored flower spikes all summer long.

Purple Haze- (3’) Vibrant violet-purple flowers are presented on strong, upright stems.  Can be pinched to restrict height.

AJUGA (Shade loving) Rapid growing groundcover, upright blue flowers on 6” spikes from April – May.

Black Scallop– (3”-6”) Attractive glossy, near-black, scalloped leaves with deep blue flowers in spring.  Stays compact.

*Burgundy Glow- (6”) Tri-colored foliage in shades of creamy-white, rose-burgundy, and dark green. Short blue flower spikes.

Chocolate Chip– (4”) Rich chocolate colored. Small, narrow leaves with blue flowers

Dixie Chip– (2”-4”) Small, narrow leaves that are green, cream, and rose-purple in color. Violet blue flower spikes.

Metallica- (4”-5”) Fast growing variety with bronze leaves and blue flowers.

ALCEA ROSEA – (Hollyhock) (Full Sun) Native to Asia Minor; likes rich soil.

Chaters Mix- (4’-6’) Full double flowers, mixture of yellow, white, pink, scarlet, and salmon.

Chaters Scarlet- (6’-6 ½’) Double flowers in deep scarlet red are produced in tall columns.

Indian Spring Mix- (48”-60”) Single to semi-double blooms in shades of rose, pink, and white.

*Queeny Purple- (18”-24”) Easy-to-grow variety with double purple flowers.

AQUILEGIA – (Columbine) (Sun to Partial shade) Native to temperate zone.

Maria Blue- (12”-15”)  Dark cobalt blue blooms.

McKana’s Giant Mix- (24”-30”) Bicolor flowers include cream, red, rose, yellow, and white.

*Winky Red & White- (12”-14”) Upward-facing, double flowers in red & white.

ARTEMISIA – (Silver Mound Artemesia) (Full Sun) Compact variety; great for edging, rock gardens or containers.

Silver Mound- (8”-10”) Soft feathery leaves that grow in soft, cushion-like mounds.

ARUNCUS DIOICUS (Dwarf Goat’s Beard) (Sun to Shade) Fern-like foliage with excellent fall color.

Misty Lace- (4’-5’) Flowers are produced on feathery, creamy white, open panicles.

ASCLEPIAS – (Butterfly Flower) Native prairie wildflower; brilliant orange flowers; blooms July – August

*Hello Yellow- (24”) Golden yellow blossoms followed by green fruits filled with silvery white, silky seeds. Excellent cut flower.

Tuberosa- (24”) Fine border plant producing brilliant orange flowers. Late dormancy.

ASTER(Full Sun) Blooms midsummer to mid-autumn. Excellent flowers for cutting.

Purple Dome- (18”-24”) Solid, rounded mounds of royal purple flowers.

Wood’s Light Blue- (12”-16”) Densely packed clusters of clear light blue flowers are produced above dwarf, compact plants.

ASTILBE – (Feather Flower, Goats beard, Spirea) (Partial Shade) Fluffy spikes adorn elegant foliage through June and July.

Burgundy Red- (18”-20”) Dark red scapes carry raspberry colored buds  which open to rich burgundy red flower plumes.

Deutschland- (30”) Pure white, open, lacy panicles are produced above glossy, deep green foliage.

Fanal- (20”) Blood red flowers are presented in upright spires.  One of the earliest reds to bloom.  Vigorous grower.

*Fireberry- (16”) Dwarf variety with vibrant raspberry pink, diamond-shaped plumes above medium green petite foliage.

*Glow- (30”) Very dark red buds open to deep red flowers with rose highlights above bronze-red leaves.

Red Sentinel- (20”-24”) Vibrant scarlet-red flowers are held in open lacy panicles above forest green foliage.

Sister Theresa- (24”) Large salmon-pink blocky plumes. Occasionally sports to a darker color.

Sugarberry- (10”) Soft pink, triangular flower plumes above short, finely textured clumps of foliage.

White Gloria – (24”) Snow white flowers on dense, pyramidal plumes atop densely mounded glossy, very deep green foliage.

BAPTISIA(False Indigo) (Full Sun to Partial Shade) Long-lived, easy to grow, native perennial.

Australis- (3’-4’) One to one half foot spikes of sky blue sweet pea like flowers.

BERGENIA – (Saxifraga) (Partial Shade) A durable groundcover that blooms in late spring.

Winter Glow- (12”-15”) Shiny, evergreen, cabbage-like leaves turning reddish-bronze in fall. Bright pinkish-red flowers.

BRUNNERA – (Heartleaf Brunnera) (Partial Shade to Shade) Unique heart shaped leaves make this a staple to the shade garden.

Jack Frost- (12”-15”) Silver leaves with prominent green veins form a rounded clump.  Blue forget-me-not type flowers.

Emerald Mist- (12”-15”) Heavier silver bars connect to form a silver collar around the perimeter of the leaves.

*King’s Ransom- (10”-12”) Silver leaves display creamy yellow margins and a light frosting; blue forget-me-not like flowers.

BUDDLEIA – (Butterfly Bush) – Attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. flowers from July to fall.

Bi-color- (6’-8’) Panicles of fragrant, lavender and butterscotch yellow flowers up to 10 inches long.





Black Knight- (5’-7’) Vigorous and hardy variety with panicles of dark violet to dark purple flowers.

Butterfly Heaven- (6’) Highly floriferous selection with very large, fragrant, lilac purple panicles up to 12 inches long.

Royal Red- (5’-10’) Deliciously fragrant, eye-catching brilliant purple-red flower panicles from 6 to 12 inches long.

CAMPANULA –  (Bell Flower) (Sun or Partial Shade) Great choice for edging, containers, or the front of the border.

Bellefleur Blue- (4”-6”) Compact and well-branched habit with clusters of attractive mid-blue flowers.

Blue Clips- (8”) Compact, rounded variety with 2-3 in, wide, violet-blue, cup-shaped, upward-facing flowers.

Pearl Deep Blue- (6”-8”) Compact, early blooming variety with cup-shaped blue-violet flowers.

CENTAUREA – (Bachelor’s Button) (Full Sun) An old-fashioned favorite for cut flower bouquets.

Montana Bluet- (18”-24”) Fringed, deep blue flowers that attract butterflies above bushy, silvery green foliage.

CENTRANTHUS – (Jupiter’s Beard) (Sun to partial shade) A long-blooming perennial that will grow in dry, limey soil.

Ruber Coccineus- (24”) Compact, bushy plant with large 2” carmine-red to deep crimson flowers.

CERASTIUM – (Snow in Summer) (Sun) Highly valued ground cover. Great for rock gardens and edging.

Tomentosum- (8”) Silvery-white foliage with masses of pure white flowers.

CHRYSANTHEMUMS – (Hardy Mums) (Sun) Bright colors for fall blooms. Available in 18 different varieties.

CIMICIFUGA – (Black Snakeroot) (Part Sun to Shade) Young foliage is bronze-green; darkens to deep purple as it matures.

Chocoholic- (4’-5’) Fragrant, bottlebrush flowers open mauve-pink, then lighten to white.

*Hillside Black Beauty- (4’-7’) Fragrant, 1 ft. long, bottlebrush flowers open white with a pale blush pink tinge.

CLEMATIS (Sun to Partial shade) Excellent vining plants produce 2” – 4” blooms. Available in 33 varieties.

COREOPSIS – (Tickseed) (Sun) Hardy and long-blooming, providing a bright spot of color in sunny landscapes all summer.

*Big Bang Star Cluster- (18”-24”) Creamy white flowers with a gold button center, that changes to deep purple.

*Cosmic Evolution- (18”-24”) Creamy white flowers with a gold button center. In cool weather, magenta hues take over.

Early Sunrise- (24”) Brilliant golden yellow, semi-double and double flowers, flushed with orange-yellow in the center.

Heliot- (24”) Golden yellow flowers with crimson ring. Blooms in July and August.

Jethro Tull- (18”) Golden yellow flowers with more consistently fluted petals.

Moonbeam- (18”-24”) Bright lemon yellow flowers are produced proflically.

Zagreb- (15”) Fine, needle-like foliage with bright golden-yellow flowers.

CROCOSMIA – (Montbretia) (Full Sun) Has wiry, arched stems that are perfect for cutting.

Lucifer- (36”-42”) Brilliant flame red flowers stand above broad, sword-like foliage.

DELOSPERMA – (Hardy Ice Plant) (Full Sun) Semi-evergreen groundcover with good red fall color.

Cooperi- (4”-6”) Succulent, needle-like leaves studded with fluorescent pink daisy-like flowers.

DELPHINIUM – (Sun) Native to Europe, Siberia and China. Blooms from June – September.

*Bellamosum- (30”-36”) Deep blue flowers.

Magic Fountains Mix- (30”-36”) Compact variety with blooms in shades of blue.

DIANTHUS BARBATUS(Full Sun) Blooms late April through September.

Barbarini Mix- (8”-10”) Compact and uniform habit in a variety of 10 colors.

DIANTHUS DELTOIDES – (Maiden Pinks) (Sun to Partial Shade)

*Arctic Fire- (6”-8”) Low, spreading plants that are covered with pure white flowers with magenta-ringed centers.

DIANTHUS GRATAINAPOLITANUS – (Pinks) (Sun to Partial Shade) Fragrant small, single blooms.

Cheddar Pink- (4”) Dainty, soft fringed, vivid deep rose-pink colored flowers. Reliable bloomer.

DICENTRA – (Bleeding Heart) (Partial Shade to Full Shade) A timeless classic in the garden with heart shaped blooms in spring.

*Gold Heart- (18”-24”) Radiant yellow foliage sets off sprays of large pink and white, heart-shaped blossoms.

DIGITALIS – (Foxglove) (Full sun to partial shade) (3’) Bell shaped flowers in late spring and early summer.

Foxy Mix- (5” blooms) All American award winner. Bell shaped flowers blooms in late spring to early summer.

ECHINACEA – (Coneflower) Native to Midwest. Heat and drought tolerant. Good cut flower and very durable.

All That Jazz- (30”-36”) Fragrant, lavender-pink quilled ray petals with an orange cone. Vigorous grower.

*Flame Thrower- (40”) Large, two-toned red-orange and gold flowers with a copper cone. Early season.

Kim’s Knee High- (18”-24”) Dwarf variety with clear pink, large, daisy-like flowers and a bronzy-orange central cone.

Lucky Star- (24”) Produces large 4-6 in, rose pink flowers on relatively short, compact plants.

*Pow Wow White- (18”-24”) Pure white, 3-4” flowers with a golden yellow cone. First year flowering.

Pow Wow Wild Berry- (18”-24”) Deep purple-pink to near-magenta, 3-4” flowers. First year flowering.

*Raspberry Truffle- (28”-32”) Deliciously fragrant, strawberry peach smoothie colored flowers have a deeper pink pom pom topped with a chocolate cone.

Red Knee High- (18”-24”) Produces large, rich magenta red flowers on knee high plants in midsummer.

*Solar Flare- (24”-36”) Enormous 5-6”, strongly fragrant, deep magenta red blossoms.

EUONYMUS – (Winter Creeper) (Sun to Shade) Extremely hardy evergreen vine that quickly forms a dense, weed-smothering

ground cover.

Coloratus- (12”-15”) Shiny, leathery, dark green leaves turn reddish-purple in fall.

EUPHORBIA – (Cushion Spurge) (Full Sun to Part Shade) Drought tolerant.  Blooms in spring.

Ascot Rainbow- (20”) Flashy green and yellow variegated foliage takes on pink and orange tones in cool weather.

Bonfire- (18”) Deep purple, red, and orange leaves with a touch chartreuse are set ablaze with crackling yellow bracts.

EUPHORBIA – (Spurge) (Full Sun) Unusual, vigorous groundcover.

Myrsinites- (12”-18”) Trailing with small yellow flowers.  Drought tolerant.





FERNSHardy ferns are a valuable shade plant. Can be grown in moist, but well-drained soil high in organic matter.

Japanese Painted- (Niponicum Pictum) (12”-18”) Silvery-gray fronds with purplish-red veins and stems.

Lady in Red- (Athyrium felix-forma) (30”-36”) Lovely foliage with vibrant burgundy colors running through the stipe.

Ostrich Fern- (Matteuccia struthiopteris) (3-6’) Rapidly spreading variety with green, pinnate fronds shaped like ostrich plumes.

FORSYTHIA – (Forsythia) (Sun to Partial Shade) Early Spring blooming shrub great for landscapes.

Sunrise- (5’) Hardy variety with bright yellow flowers and a full dense habit.

GAILLARDIA – (Blanket Flower)  (Sun) Daisy like flowers require well-drained soil.

Arizona Sun- (12”) Early-blooming. Very uniform and compact habit with bright yellow and red blooms.

Burgundy- (30”) Large 3” wine red flowers, truly unique.

Fanfare- (18”-24”) Upward facing scarlet flowers with bright yellow at the ends. Long-lasting cut flowers. Blooms in summer.

GERANIUM (Cranesbill) Long flowering period, peak in late spring. Attractive foliage. Good border plant that is long-blooming.

Alpenglow- (12”-18”) Lavender-pink, cup-shaped flowers above carpets of deeply lobed, green foliage.

Brookside- (20”-24”) Sapphire blue flowers with white eyes above compact mounds of lacy, green foliage.

Dark Reiter- (8”-10”) Compact mounds of finely cut, plum purple foliage with nicely contrasting, lilac blue flowers.

Perfect Storm- (12”) Low, spreading mounds of velvety grey-green foliage with small, black-centered, magenta pink blooms.

GEUM – (Avens, Grecian Rose) (Sun to Partial Shade) (12”) Showy flowers in spring above low growing textured foliage.

Mrs. Bradshaw- (18”) Scarlet, semi-double flowers above mounded, green, heart-shaped foliage.


Blue Fescue- (Festuca “Boulder Blue”) (10”) Narrow, intense blue foliage.  Clump forming.

*Fountain Grass– (Pennisetum “Burgundy Bunny”) (18”) Clumps of fine green leaves with red accents, topped with creamy-

white bunny-tail flowers.

Fountain Grass– (Pennisetum “Fireworks”) (2’-3’) Variegated purple foliage that has midveins of burgundy with hot pink

margins. Should be treated as an annual grass.

*Fountain Grass– (Pennisetum “Princess”) (3’-4’) Dappled blades grow ever-deeper purple; petite and ladylike form.

Hardy Plume- (Erianthus “Ravenna”) (9’-12’) Graceful grass with narrow silvery white flowers. Very Hardy.

Japanese Forest Grass- (Hakonechloa “Aureola”) (14”) Groundcover grass has bright yellow foliage foliage with thin                             green stripes, having the effect of a waterfall.

*Japanese Forest Grass– (Hakonechloa “Fubuki”) (10”) White and green stripes, are evoked by the name, Jap. for snowstorm.

Japanese Silver Grass- (Miscanthus Sinensis “Malepartus”) (5’-7’) Large, abundant blooms, emerging purple-pink and turning silver with maturity.

Little Bluestem– (Schizachyrium “Little Bunny”) (2’-4’) Clump-forming, fine-textured grass; tolerant of varying soil conditions.

*Little Bluestem– (Schizachyrium “The Blues”) (2’-4’) Prized for its cool blue and purple hues.

Maiden Grass– (Miscanthus “Autumn Light”) (8’) Narrow green leaves with a delicate appearance.

Maiden Grass– (Miscanthus “Gold Bar”) (3’-5’) Slow-growing with a tight, upright spiky habit. Foliage is heavily adorned with

horizontal gold stripes. Should be treated as an annual grass.

Maiden Grass– (Miscanthus “Gracillimus”) (7’) Graceful, rounded form with delicate narrow foliage and copper-red blooms.

*Ribbon Grass– (Phalaris “Strawberries and Cream”) (2’-3’) Nearly white foliage with narrow green stripes until cool weather,

when the white blushes coyly.

Purple Fountain Grass– (Pennisetum “Rubrum”) (3’-5’) Rapid growing with red-burgundy color throughout both the foliage

and the foxtail-like flowers. Should be treated as an annual grass.

Variegated Feather Reed Grass- (Calamagostis “Avalanche”) (4’-5’) Silvery-tan plumes appear over white-banded blades.

Variegated Japanese Sedge- (Carex “Evergold”) (1’) Creamy-yellow blades with deep green margins; cascading habit.

Zebra Grass- (Miscanthus zebrinus) (6’-8’) Distinctive horizontal bands of yellow gold. Pinkish flowers in September.

HEDERA – (English Ivy) (Partial sun to full shade) (6”-8”) Evergreen ground cover capable of climbing long distances.

HELIANTHUS – (Perennial Sunflower) (Full Sun) Cheerful sunflower with an upright, but relatively short habit.

*Happy Days- (24”) Large golden yellow blossoms with an anemone-like center and short ray petals.

HELIOPSIS – (Oxeye) (Full Sun) Daisy like flower with a long blooming period. Blooms cover this large plant.

Summer Sun- (3’-4’) Four inch double daisy like double blooms. Blooms July through September.

HELLEBORUS – (Lenten Rose) (Partial Shade to Full Shade) Superbly vigorous, large flowered, and heavily spotted blossoms.

*Pink Parachutes- (18”-22”) Bright pink flowers are covered in a fine spray of dark pink to wine spots.

HEMEROCALLIS – (Daylily) (Sun) Hardy, low maintenance plant blooms from June – frost. Prefers moisture

retentive soil; available in 17 varieties with varying colors and heights.

HEUCHERA – (Coral Bells) (Sun to partial shade) Good for edging or in borders.  Unique foliage.

Caramel- (12”) Fuzzy, bright yellow-orange leaves with purple-red undersides.  Cream flowers.  Great compact habit.

Chocolate Ruffles- (10”) Solid deep maroon-chocolate leaves with heavily ruffles edges curl to reveal royal purple undersides.

*Christa- (8”-10”) New leaves are rose purple with a peach underlay. Peachy orange color dominates with maturity.

Citronelle- (12”) Robust, citron yellow variety with silvered undersides. Chartreuse in heavier shade.

Crème Brule- (8”-16”) Spring caramel to brown sugar foliage changes in fall to bronze to ruddy red.

Georgia Peach- (14”) Spectacular glowing peach colored leaves with a light silver overlay measure up to 8” across.

Green Spice- (9”) This selection has broad, green leaves with a silvery overlay, darker green edges, and beet-red veining.





Key Lime Pie- (8”-16”) For contrast, this selection serves up an extra-large portion of cool green colors.

Melting Fire- (10”) Named for its bright red spring foliage.  Mature leaves are deep maroon with heavily ruffled edges.

Venus- (8”) Large, silver leaves with deep green veins, forming a nice compact mound of foliage.

HIBISCUS – (Rose Mallow) (Sun) Showy accents can be used as a hedge, break dormancy very late.

*Berrylicious- (4½’-5’) Huge 8-9 inch, mauve lavender blossoms with deep strawberry red eye.

*Cranberry Crush- (3’-4’) Near-black buds open to glossy, deep scarlet red, 7”-8” flowers.

Fireball- (4’) Gigantic 12 inch flaming red flowers with overlapping petals. Green leaves flushed with purple.

Kopper King- (3’-4’) Gigantic 10 inch white flowers with a red eye that bleeds out through the veins. Coppery-red leaves.

Minerva- (8’-12’) Unusual lavender color with a hint of pink, bold dark red eye, and single blooms.

*My Valentine- (4’) Deep reddish black buds open to huge 8”-9”, pure velvety red flowers.

Plum Crazy- (4’) Huge 10 inch lavender-plum flowers with purple veining.

Peppermint Schnapps- (3’-4’) Large 8-10 inch, pink flowers have deep reddish pink streaks and speckles throughout the petals and a bright red eye.

*Summer Storm- (4’-5’) Large 8-10 inch pink flowers with rose veining and a deep magenta eye.

Turn of the Century- (6’-8’) Bicolor selection with petals ranging from dark red to light pink.

*Tye Dye- (4’-5’) Bicolor with huge 8-10 inch ruffled, bright pink and white flowers with a cherry red eye.

HOSTA – (Plantain Lilly) (Partial Shade to Shade) One of the best perennials in existence. A valuable addition to the garden and

landscape.  Remains attractive from spring until frost with great flowering performance. 29 varieties available.

HOUTTUYNIA CORDATA – (Chameleon Plant) (Sun to Shade) (6”-9”) Heart shaped leaves with striking foliage of varying color.

  white flowers. Vigorous.

HYDRANGEA – (Hydrangea) Unique Endless Summer Series with the ability to bloom on new growth.

Blushing Bride- (3’-6’) Flower mops 6” in diameter of pure white maturing with a light pink blush.

Endless Summer- (3’-5’) Flowers grow up to 8” in diameter, with pink blooms in alkaline soils and blue blooms in acidic soils.

*Endless Summer Bella Anna- (3’-5’) A re-blooming variety in magenta-pink that is effortless and easy-to-grow.

*Limelight- (6’-8’) Exquisite, bright, lime-green to cream flowers that turn to shades of pink, burgundy, and green in autumn.

*Oakleaf- (4’-6’) Quick to bloom variety, with beautiful deep pink flowers.

Tickled Pink- (4’-5’) A true beauty with blooms that start out white before turning rosy pink.

Twist-n-Shout- (3’-5’) Lacy deep-pink centers are surrounded by gorgeous blossoms of pink or periwinkle blue.

Vanilla Strawberry- (6’-7’) Beautiful blooms emerge creamy white, change to pink and finally strawberry red.

IBERIS – (Candytuft) (Sun) A popular dwarf plant with clusters of white flowers. Excellent for rock gardens or edging.

*Absolutely Amethyst- (10”-12”) Large clusters of purple flowers, starting deep lavender in the center, and fading to light

lavender around the edges, all dotted with yellow stamens.

Snow White- (6”) Carpets of pure white blooms above evergreen foliage. Drought tolerant.

IRIS(Sun) The two varieties we carry are tall bearded varieties that are mid bloomers (Late May to early June).

Batik- (26”) Royal purple flowers with wildly irregular, spattered and streaked white markings.

KNIPHOFIA– (Red Hot Poker) (Full Sun) 1999 AAS Winner. First year flowering.

Flamenco- (30”) Spike of creamy white, yellow, orange, red, or shades of all four.

LAMIUM – (Spotted Dead Nettle) (Part to full Shade) Herbaceous ground cover for dark shaded areas.

Beacon Silver- (4”-6”) Spreading groundcover with silver-green leaves, rosy pink flowers April – July.

LAVENDULA – (Lavender) (Sun) Plant doubles as an herb. Popular for blooms and fragrance.

Blue Cushion- (16”) Compact, rounded cushion of fragrant, grey-green foliage topped with uniform deep blue flowers.

Hidcote Blue- (12”) Deep purple flowers, nicely compact.

Munstead – (12”-14”) Compact bushy plants with silvery foliage and fragrant blue flowers.

LEUCANTHEMUM – (Shasta Daisy) (Sun) Native to Portugal and the Pyrenes. Prefers rich soil. Good cut flower.

Alaska- (24”-36”) Broad 3in wide flowers are pure white with yellow centers.

Crazy Daisy- (24”-28”) Unique, fringed and frilly, semi-double selection. Solid white petals with a small buttery yellow center.

Snowcap- (12”-15”) Pure white, 2-3 in single flowers are produced in profusion atop compact mounds of foliage.

Snow Lady- (10”) Very large flowers with bright white petals and yellow centers. First year blooming.

White Breeze- (10”-12”) Early-flowering, dwarf and compact plants with pure white blooms with yellow centers.

LIATRIS – (Gay Feather) (Sun) Native prairie wildflower. Very hardy perennial. Flowers bloom July – September.

Kobold Blue- (18”-30”) Bright rosy lavender flower wands open from top to bottom.

LIGULARIA – (Ligularia)

*Bottle Rocket- (28”-34”) Dense clumps of thicker, serrated green leaves with mustard yellow flower spikes.

LILAC(Full Sun) Beautiful shrub with wonderful Spring color and fragrance.

Avalanche-(9’) A showy variety, freely producing panicles of large, single white florets.

Charles Joly- (8’-10’) Very fragrant, double, deep wine red flower clusters in spring.  Bright green foliage.

Miss Canada- (6’-12’) Fragrant, deep pink blossoms in late spring through early summer.  Very hardy.

Palibin (Dwarf) – (4’-5’) Smaller variety with dense clusters of sweetly fragrant, single, pale pink flowers.

President Grevy- (10’-12’) Vigorous, upright variety with large panicles of starry, double lilac-blue florets.

Sensation Lilac- (8’-10’) Slightly fragrant, single purple blossoms with a distinct white border.

Syringa vulgaris– (12’-15’) Old-fashioned variety with extremely fragrant, purple to lilac or even white flowers in May.






LIRIOPE – (Lily Turf) (Sun to Partial Shade) Evergreen ground cover with thin, dark upright foliage. Ideal for erosion control.

Big Blue- (12-15”) Showy lavender flowers that bloom in late summer.

LONICERA – (Honeysuckle) (Sun) Vigorous, hardy vine makes an excellent screen. Attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Honeybelle- (10’-20’) Exceptionally hardy and easy-to-grow selection with repeating waterfalls of golden blossoms.

LUPINUS – (Lupine) (Sun to Part Sun) Shorter version; blooms about 2 weeks earlier that other hybrids.

Gallery Mix- (20”-24”) Popular series containing a mix of deep blue, red, pink, yellow, and white single color flowers.

Popsicle Mix- (18”-24”) A colorful mix of blue, purple, yellow, red, pink, and bicolor flowers. Grows in clumps.

Popsicle Red- (18”-24”) Large spikes of solid red flowers rising above attractive fan-shaped leaves.

LYCHNIS – (Maltese Cross, Catchfly) (Sun) This thickly foliaged plant produces beautiful flower heads.

Lengai Red- (10”) Vivid red flowers bloom early on uniform plants with chocolate colored foliage.

LYSIMACHIA –  (Gold Moneywort) (Sun to Part Sun) (2”) Rounded leaves, creeping habit. Fragrant yellow flowers June – August.

LYSIMACHIA – (Green Moneywort) (Sun to Part Sun) (2”) Fast growing groundcover with yellow flowers and glossy green leaves.

MALVA – (Hollyhock Mallow) (Sun to Part Sun) Tough heat, and drought tolerant perennial. Flowers all summer.

*Purple Satin- (3’-4’) Bright lavender pink flowers with heavy grape purple veining and center produced on strong stems.

Zebrina- (30”) Single, saucer-shaped flowers, usually white striped with purple.  Freely blooming all summer in sun.

MAZUS – (Creeping Mazus) (Full Sun) An excellent, dense groundcover that blooms in the late spring.

*Reptans- (3”) Has dense, leafy green foliage and spectacular small purple/blue flowers.

MONARDA – (Bee Balm) (Sun to Part Shade) Aromatic mint like foliage; prefers moist locations blooms June – July

Grand Parade- (13”-16”) Lavender purple blossoms are produced atop mid-sized, upright plants.

Jacob Cline- (24”-36”) Very large, bright red florets appear in tight clusters atop stocky, square stems.

*Pink Lace- (16”) Light pink flowers with a dark purple center produced on mid-sized plants.

MYOSOTIS – (Forget-Me-Not) (Sun to Part Shade) Lovely in containers or mixed with spring blooming perennials.

Indigo Blue- (6”-8”) Compact, mounded plants covered with dainty, rich blue flowers.

NEPETA – (Catmint) (Sun) (12”) Spreading compact plant with blue flowers. Good for hot, dry weather.

Walker’s Low- (2’-3’) Grey-green, aromatic foliage on long, arching stems with lavender blue flowers.

OENOTHERA – (Evening Primrose) (Sun to Partial Shade) (10”) Luminous yellow saucer shaped flowers appear all summer.

PACHYSANDRA – (Japanese Spurge) (Partial shade)(8”) Fast growing groundcover, White flowers in the summer

PAEONIA – (Garden Peony) (Sun to Partial Sun) (2’-3” bush) Large double rose type bloom. Blooms in late April or May.

Dr. Alexander Fleming- (30”) Fragrant, fully double pink blooms abound in early summer.

Duchess De Nemours- (34”) Fragrant, white, globe-shaped blooms with green carpels and a yellow center glow.

Felix Crousse- (28”) Fragrant, double, carmine-red blooms with a silvery sheen are lavishly produced in early summer.

Karl Rosenfield- (34”) Brilliant, striking double variety with a mild fragrance. Late mid-bloomer.

Sarah Bernhardt- (34”) Gigantic, double, apple blossom-pink flowers blooming from early to midsummer.

PAPAVER, ORIENTALE – (Oriental Poppy) (Sun) Blooms from May – June. Requires well-drained soil.

Allegro- (16”) Dazzling 6” scarlet flowers with black eyes.

Spring Fever Mix- (10”-12”) Multiple compact stems at one time and large flowers in a variety of bright colors.

PENSTEMON – (Beardtongue) Tubular flowers borne on thin spikes.

Husker Red– (12”-18”) Maroon-red foliage, with white flowers in early to late summer.

Pinacolada Red Shades- (4”-6”) First-year flowering. Well-branched and free flowering with red trumpet-like blooms.

Prairie Dusk- (20”) An elegant long season display of rose-purple trumpet-like flowers.

PEROVSKIA – (Russian Sage) (Full Sun) (36”) Coarsely toothed gray green leaves. Lavender-blue flowers.

Atriplicifolia- (36”-48”) Dissected foliage with lavender- blue flowers. Great filler for the garden.

PHLOX PANICULATA – (Upright or Garden Phlox) (Partial Sun)(30”) Upright plants, large flower heads in a range of  colors.

Blue Paradise- (40”) Lavender blue blossoms with white centers and tiny red eyes are deliciously fragrant.

Bright Eyes- (36”) Pale pink flowers with a prominent, hot-pink eye zone. A reliable bloomer.

David- (42”) Large heads of fragrant, white flowers. Bright green foliage and upright habit.

Laura- (24”-30”) Fuschia-purple flowers with starry, white centers and dark eyes. Fragrant blossoms.

*North Hills- (4”-6”) Bright white flowers with a prominent violet purple eye.

*Shockwave- (12”-18”) Large clusters of lavender pink flowers with a white star-burst center.

Starfire- (36”) Panicles of perfumed, cherry-red blossoms contrast sharply against the deep green foliage.

PHLOX SUBLATA – (Creeping Phlox) Excellent ground cover. Spring bloomer, carpet like.

Emerald Blue- (4”-6”) Delicate lavender blue flowers.

Emerald Pink- (4”-6”) Compact selection with long-flowering pink blooms.

PHYSOSTEGIA – (Obedient Plant) (Full Sun to Partial Shade) Strictly upright plant with fresh green foliage; clump forming.

*Crown of Snow- (24”) Dense clusters of pure white, tubular blooms.

*Pink Manners- (36”) Spikes of pale pink to white buds open to lavender pink flowers with a white throat.

PLATYCODON – (Balloon Flower) (Sun to part Sun) Bell Shaped flowers resembling balloons. Keep moist but not wet.

Astra Semi-Double Blue- (6”-8”) Compact plants with blue balloonlike buds opening into long-lasting 3” bell-shaped flowers

Astra Semi-Double White- (6”-8”) Compact plants with white balloonlike buds opening into long-lasting 3” bell-shaped flowers

Miss Tilly- (6”-8”) Very large mid-blue blooms are produced on broad, branching, mounded plants.

POLEMONIUM – (Jacob’s Ladder) (Sun to Partial Shade) Very distinctive and showy in the garden. Pairs well with hostas.

Heavenly Habit- (18”-20”) Compact clumps of glossy, ferny green foliage topped with fragrant, blue blossoms.




Stairway to Heaven- (12”-24”) Green and white leaves tinged pink in the spring with pale lavender blue flowers.

Touch of Class- (14”) Forms mounds of fine lacy foliage; green leaves with a narrow, bright white edge.

POLYGONATUM – (Variegated Solomon’s Seal) (Part Sun to Shade) A natural companion to hosta and ferns.

Variegatum- (18”-24”) Compact clumps of glossy, ferny green foliage topped with fragrant, blue blossoms.

PULMONARIA(Lungwort) Lovely spring blooming perennial. The silver variegation lightens up dark flowerbeds.

*Majeste- (8”-12”) Light pink buds pop open to reveal darker, bluish-pink flower bells.

Mrs. Moon- (10”-12”) Silvery-gray dotted leaves with magenta-pink buds open to bright blue bells.

Raspberry Splash- (10”-12”) Very showy raspberry-pink flowers clusters and dark green, silver-spotted leaves.

Roy Davidson- (8”-12”) Leaves are long, narrow, and heavily spotted with silver.  Pink flower bells changing to powder blue.

PYRETHRIUM – (Painted Daisy) (Full Sun) Blooms from June through October.

Robinson’s Crimson- (24”) Large 3”-3 ½”, single, crimson-red, daisy-like flowers with yellow centers.

Robinson’s Mix- (24”) Large 3”-3 ½”, single, daisy-like flowers in a variety of colors with yellow centers.

RHUS – (Sumac) (Sun to Partial Shade) An excellent accent to the landscape with beautiful fall color.

Tiger Eyes-(6’) New growth is green and yellow changing to yellow, orange, and intense scarlet in fall.

ROSE BUSHES(Full Sun to Part Shade) From Star Roses, available in 94 different varieties.

SAGINA – (Irish Moss) (Sun) (2”-4”) A creeping, moss-like, evergreen groundcover that forms a tight green carpet. Tiny white flowers.

SALVIA – (Meadow Sage) A reliable perennial producing spikes of flowers often to re-bloom if old blooms removed.

Blue Hills- (16”-20”) Very long-flowering spikes of sky blue flowers. Easy to grow.

Blue Queen- (12”) Dwarf, compact plants with spikes of deep blue flowers. Drought tolerant.

May Night- (18”) Dense spikes of deep violey-purple flowers which can be extended by deadheading.

Sensation Rose- (12”) Short spikes of bright rose pink flowers atop dwarf, compact plants.

SAPONARIA – (Rock Soapwort) (Full Sun) Forms a nice patch of semi-evergreen foliage that works well as a filler.

Ocymoides- (8”) Small, bright pink flowers appearing in early summer with semi-evergreen foliage.

SCABIOSA – (Pincushion Flower) (Full Sun) Good for borders, cut flowers, and butterflies love it!

Butterfly Blue- (12”-18”) Lavender blue, pincushion-like flowers hover over short mounds of ferny basal foliage.

Vivid Violet- (15”) Vivid violet purple flowers are produced for several months. Remains healthy and attractive.

SEDUM(Full Sun) Fleshy plants with distinct foliage, changing colors with the seasons.

*Dasyphyllum- (2”-3”) Gray-green leaves with pinkish-white flowers.

Dragon’s Blood- (4”-5”) Coral red flowers, with bronze foliage.

Elizabeth- (3”-4”) Dark red succulent leaves. Great in a rock garden. Attracts butterflies.

Ella- (4”) Mounding variety with vibrant green leaves and bright yellow flowers.

Fulda Glow- (4”) Bronze-red foliage that keeps its color all season long.  Rose-red flowers.

John Creech- (4”) Star-shaped dark red flowers bloom above succulent foliage. Hand water until established.

Mini Ewersii- (6”) Evergreen blue-green foliage with magenta flowers.

Platycladus- (6”) Creeping variety with succulent aqua green whorls of foliage. Rosettes resemble hens and chicks.

Silver Frost- (3”-6”) Unique, silvery rosette-like foliage topped with white star-shaped flowers.

Tricolor Dragon’s Blood– (4”-5”) Showy variegated green and white foliage dusted with pink.

Vera Jameson- (10”-12”) Glaucous mahogany-red foliage with arching stems of dusty pink flowers. Blooms in early fall.

Weihenstephaner- (6”) Dark green, serrated foliage with yellow star-shaped flowers.

SEDUM – Tall varieties. Fleshy leaved plants perfect for dry areas or a perennial border. Easy to grow and drought tolerant

Autumn Fire- (24”-30”) Tight growth habit. Thick foliage and brightly colored rosy flower heads.

Brilliant- (24”) Flat clusters of bright rose-pink flowers with smooth grey-green leaves.

Carl- (18”) Dense, upright clumps of grey-green, slightly serrated foliage with large clusters of brilliant magenta pink flowers.

*Frosty Morn- (18”-24”) Gray-green foliage with white margins. White flowers in warm areas, pale pink in cooler.

Neon- (24”) Brilliant rosy-magenta pink flowers and light green leaves.

Purple Emperor- (16”) Dark purple, almost black, leaves with clusters of pink flowers that age to bronze.

T-Rex- (24”-28”) Sharply toothed, green foliage with large panicles of light rose pink flowers.

SEMPERVIVUM(Hen and Chicks)  (Full sun) (4”-6”) Assorted rosettes in wide range of colors. Good in borders.

Pilioseum- (3”-4”) Forms medium to large rosettes of grey-green leaves. Good choice for containers.

Red Beauty- (3”-4”) Medium sized, fairly open rosettes of grey-green with blood-red tips that may vary from season to season.

SPIREA – (Spirea) (Full Sun) Fine, uniform habit, a stunning addition to the garden with beautiful color.

*Magic Carpet- (18”-24”) Has outstanding orange/red new growth, and very nice bright pink flowers.

*Rennaissance- (5’-7’) An outstanding variety with great disease resistance and beautiful white blooms.

STOKESIA – (Stoke’s Aster) (Full Sun) Long blooming, with a neatly mounding habit. Heat tolerant.

*Elf- (8”) 2 inch, lavender blue flowers with a lighter blue, domed center are produced over a long period.

TIARELLA – (Foamflower) (Part Sun to Shade) Has clump forming foliage,  fragrant blooms, wonderful winter color.

Crow Feather- (8”) Deeply dissected green leaves that have prominent black-purple centers. Lightly fragrant white flowers.

Sugar & Spice- (8”) Compact clumps of glossy green, deeply dissected leaves with a prominent black-purple center blotch. Produces and abundance of lightly fragrant, pink and white flowers in spring.

VERBASCUM –  (Mullein) (Full Sun) Blooms early to mid-summer. Compact plants with long-blooming flowers perfect for cutting.

Plum Smokey- (18”) Short, stocky spikes of smoky-purple flowers above tight rosettes of bold, glaucous, green leaves.






VERONICA – (Speedwell) (Sun to Partial Shade) Excellent plants for summer flowering. Compact plants excellent for borders.

Giles van Hees- (6”) Dwarf variety with dark green foliage topped by bright pink flower spikes.

Red Fox- (12”-15”) Bright fuschia pink flower spikes top mounds of dark green foliage.

Royal Candles- (15”-18”) Masses of violet-blue spikes dart up above the compact, upright clumps of deep green foliage.

Sunny Border Blue- (18”-20”) Violet-blue flower spikes above the dark green, crinkly foliage.

VIBURNUM – (Viburnum) (Sun to Partial Shade) An elegant shrub that makes an excellent accent plant in the garden.

Watanabei Doublefile-(4’-6’) Continuously blooming variety with white flowers and beautiful red-purple fall color.

VINCA MINOR – (Trailing Myrtle, Periwinkle) (Sun to Shade) Trailing groundcover.

Common Myrtle- (6”-8”) Violet blue flowers. Blooms in May.

WEIGELA(Sun to Partial Shade) Hardy, free flowering addition to the landscape. Attractive to birds and butterflies.

Minuet-(24”-30”) Slightly fragrant. Corolla tube and outer corolla is ruby red, petal lobes lilac purple with yellow throat.

Red Prince- (5’-6’) This variety has the ability to hold its red flower color, and has the tendency for a second bloom.

Variegated- (4’-6’) Compact, attractive variety with leaves edged in pale yellow to creamy white.