In 1869 The Pines and the McCann family’s moved to the Lawrence Kansas area to start farming practices. The first Pines grew Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, corn, bush beans and a large number of other vegetables.  Howard pine was a great grandson of the original settler. In 1947 Howard pine located at 1320 N. 3rd same as our current greenhouse location in which he started a produce, farm, and market.  Between 1947 and 1951 Howard Grew thousands of tomatoes plants, acres of strawberries, asparagus, and other varieties and sold them in his personal market.  July 1951 the Flood took Howard’s dreams away with absolute devastation but he recovered in 1952 and had over 22 acres of vegetables once again growing.  In 1953 the Kansas turnpike came thru and took 20 acres leaving two acres to do something with in which he opened his first greenhouse in 1962. One greenhouse 24 feet by 75 foot long fiberglass structure was erected with a redwood frame which held a mixture of petunias, marigolds, sultana, balsam, tomato and pepper plants. These plants were sold in wooden frames and were dug by the customer for purchase. 1963 the second year the operation doubled with another greenhouse of similar size.  1978 Howard had a total of six greenhouses with a total square footage of over 11,000 square feet of growing space. At the age of 21 Howard Pines son Jerry Pine was a geology student at KU and his father was needing to retire so Jerry decided to take over the business in the spring of 1979 new structures were starting to be built to be energy efficient  to current size of over 30,000 square feet of protected growing area and 10,000 square feet of unprotected hail screen structures. We have grown from a staff of four to the current staff of over 20 employees with some working longer than 24 years.

Howard Pine’s  Garden Center and Greenhouse has been a part of Lawrence, Kansas’ history since 1962.